The Sudden, The Eventual, The Living

Or, What's Coming Up For Caitlin

Sunday, 2/16 @ 7PM

Streep Sunday Service: A Celebration of Streep

So excited to join this marvelous crew of up and comers in celebrating the only True Religion of actors everywhere: Our Lady of Many Graces, Meryl Streep.💛

Celebrate Valentines Day with us at The Triad Theatre on the Upper West Side, and experience Pop/Rock belted at you with a sincerity and Streep-ism you never even knew you needed. 

 WHEN: Sun Feb 16, 2020

WHERE: The Triad Theatre

 158 W 72nd St, New York, NY 10023


*Drinking Encouraged

Sensible Streep.jpg


Developing a new show with some extraordinary people--including the legendary BRAD ELLIS of GLEE, ROBBIE ROZELLE from 54 Below, PETER HODGSON from Tisch, and HUNTER CANNING from Club Cumming--and I can't wait to bring it to you all. It's going to be incredible


Check out some video of me singing one of my favorite musical theatre pieces--"He Wanted A Girl" from Michael John LaChuisa's epic, GIANT. With Mason Griffin on the keys, and a warm room at The West End, this is one of my faves yet.

Enjoy, Fam. 💛🎼

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He Wanted A Girl

Mondays at Club Cumming in the East Village

Every Monday night, MD extraordinaire Lance Horne makes magic on the keys...I'm often there. Check out some choice examples of the songs we sing...! ;) And join!

The Wizard and I


I Will Always Love You