Coach With Caitlin

Caitlin is available for Coaching for auditions and scene development, as well as audition filming and VO coaching and recording services. Her work as an actor has been widely praised by the press and she has coached privately in Los Angeles and New York, and works frequently with actors at various private studios, Co-ops and theatre companies throughout Los Angeles & New York.

Audition coaching for TV/Film and Theatre. We take the text beat by beat, turn by turn, to find the approach that grounds you and makes the piece your own. Let's book the...
Audition Coaching
1 h
Want to work a scene or monologue for class, or for EPAs, or for your reel? We'll work each moment and make sure everything is truthful, authentic, and ready to go. Prepa...
Audition Coaching
1 h 30 Min
Price Varies by Need
Dive into your audition material (whether its your own cuts, or an audition packet), and work the beats of the song. We approach the song from a storytelling perspective ...
Audition Coaching Musical Theatre
1 h